Letum Ascensus was formed in the summer of 1995. The original members met in the Los Angeles area in California for a music session. Each one shared their own distinct musical influences. The session turned out to be the perfect gathering of demonic endowment.  

The band was formed but had no name. What name should they choose that could capture the morbid tunes that sprung from them? After many suggestions, an acquaintance came up with Letum Ascensus meaning “for sudden death” in Latin. Once agreed, the members started their journey to raising hell upon this Earth.

Letum Ascensus is loud yet technical with hard hitting and precise drumming, choppy low tuned guitars with aggressive bloody riffs, and monstrous vocals. These elements combined permeate the Letum Ascensus trademark sound.

Letum Ascensus brings over TWO DECADES of experience to the RUINFEST V lineup and they are prepared to perform a blistering set for all in attendance!!!

Current lineup: Boris Bonillo (vocals), Sam Fuentes (guitar), Juan Felipe (guitar), Mike Caffell (drums), and Rudy Ramos (bass).

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Founded five years ago, SICARIUS – meaning contract killer or assassin in Latin – draw influence from and pay homage to classic black metal bands, yet also inject a modern, high-velocity sense of immediacy into their bludgeoning and bloodthirsty extreme metal assault. The group has performed extensively in the Western U.S. alongside such genre heavyweights as Carach Angren, Uada, 1349, Goatwhore, Vader, Helheim, Sadistic Intent, Skeletal Remains, Wolvhammer, Marduk, Horna, Witch Casket and Tombs.

Hailed by Metal Hammer as “USBM with serious forward thrust,” the nihilistic assassin dagger cult Sicarius have finished recording their new album, “God Of Dead Roots,” Due to be released in early 2020 via M-Theory Audio will be the follow-up to their acclaimed 2017 full-length debut “Serenade of Slitting Throats.”


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Helsott is a Pagan Metal band from Southern California. Formed in 2010 and currently signed to M-Theory Audio, they have released 2 EPs and 2 full length albums to date. Helsott has made a name for themselves after touring North America and Europe several times over the past decade, and most recently playing the 30th anniversary of Wacken Open Air.


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Shrine of malice

Shrine of Malice is a blackened deathcore band formed by members from both Las Vegas, Nevada and Los Angeles, California. Starting in 2017, the act released their first EP “Malignance” in 2018 featuring tracks Beelzebub, Hollow Sockets and Lord of Flies. They have returned 2019 with their debut full length album “Sheol”, prepared to deliver to Ruinfest and the rest of the Nation the intensity and inferno that is Shrine of Malice.



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Consciously Dying

Founded in Hollywood, Los Angeles Blackend Death metal Artists CONSCIOUSLY DYING are here to spread the message of the INEVITABLE END..Through blasting beats by Leo Mayran, the rumbling bass of Gene Migaki and blazing shred guitarist Dish Barwa and Aviv Hadari (Vox), the Growling message of a DEATH is here to stay.Consciously Dying's EP "Delusions" - Is now available on itunes, Spotify, YouTube, icloud and all other streaming channels.



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Weaving horror-spun tales to make mad the guilty and appall the soul, VAELMYST have bid the bells of the dead to conjure the most horrid of melodious death.
Formed in the year 2017 from the hallowed grounds of Los Angeles, VAELMYST have since released a collection of death-ridden elegies and ghoulish delights known as "Earthly Wounds" and are currently exhuming the ghastly tales that will be their debut full-length album. VAELMYST will be bringing their violent and dreadful nightmares to a graveyard near you.



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Beliath, a blackened death metal band from Los Angeles, California. Comprised of current and former members of well known LA acts such as Satriarch, Mitclantechutli, Necronum and Dona eis Requiem.

Combining the cold atmospheric vibe of black metal and the crushing heaviness of death metal. Beliath now stands ready to show the world who we are and what we do best...destroy!

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Formed in Santa Ana july 2017, Withermoon wanted to bring that old-school raw black metal tone back to the modern era with hints of newer black metal sound blend into it. Belonging to the Black Earth Legion and featuring members of Necroticus, Cold Void, Arachnigod, and PHOTA, Withermoon has their vision set on re-blackening the local scene and beyond! Spreading their venom, their malice, and their will as far into the world as it will carry!




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Voices of ruin

Voices of Ruin have come to give melodic death metal the shot in the arm it so desperately needs. Harkening back to the genre's glory days while pushing the envelope one step further, Voices of Ruin eviscerate their audience with brutally catchy guitar riffs, soaring melodies, devastating percussion, and the ferocious blackened death growl of their charismatic frontman.  


Their music can be described as an epically crafted blend of classic heavy metal and modern death metal, that also pays homage to the traditional Scandinavian melodic death metal sound.


Voices of Ruin is the US Wacken Metal Battle champion from 2018 and is known for touring throughout US, Europe, and Japan.






Hailing from all over Southern California, the U.S. power metal quintet, Novareign, has been molding their brand of metal since 2011 by combining influences that range from the likes of Angra, Iron Maiden and DragonForce. Since the 2018 release of their debut album entitled “Legends” (M-Theory Audio/Salem Rose Music), Novareign has had their boots on the ground, marching tirelessly to help carry the torch of the New Wave of U.S. Power Metal movement as far as their music can take them.

After a successful trip across the U.S. to play to a sold out Mad With Power Festival in Madison, WI., Novareign has begun the final stages of pre-production and plans to hit the studio in the near future to record their sophomore album via M-Theory. With a barrage of dual lead guitars, insane speed, and soaring vocals, Novareign's music pays homage to heavy metal in such genuine stride that they’re a live act you do not want to miss.

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